About Me
Goodnight Bakery began as a small side "thing" with one of my best friends in 2011. She enjoyed
baking and I loved to decorate cakes. We decided to combine our super powers; but like many
others with super powers we led alternate lives working full time jobs during the day.
In the evenings, we would get together to bake and decorate cakes. Often times, we would not
finish until super late and part ways wishing each other a "Goodnight". Thus, "Goodnight Bakery"
was born.
It turns out my friend was sooo good at baking, she had a bun in her own oven within the first
year we started this endeavor. As her pregnancy progressed along, she gracefully bowed out.
This was perfectly understandable considering the fact that making people takes a lot of energy
and a woman needs her sleep!
I'm forever grateful for her partnership and encouragement that started me down this path.
I eventually took over the baking in addition to the decorating. In fact, I got so good at baking, that I had a bun in my oven the next year. LoL! (And a year and a half after that...) As a mother of two little ones, I typically work on cake orders after they are in bed and I've told them "Goodnight". The name still seems fitting and so it remains.
Some other information about me:
-I have over 4 years of commerical bakery experience.
-I did not attend any sort of culinary school. The majority of my "cake knowledge" is through good ol' trial & error and the internet.
-I LOVE a good challenge and learning new things. :) To feed into this, I enjoy taking classes, attending cake shows, and keeping up with the latest cake trends to expand my skill set.
-I am passionate about creating a cake that reflects the joy and love surrounding each celebration and strive to go above and beyond for my clients.