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All your pressing cake questions answered here. (At least the most frequently asked ones...)
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    Does my cake need to be refrigerated?


    No. The Texas Cottage Food Law does not allow home bakeries to sell items that require refrigeration. All the cakes I make are fresh and can be left out at room temperature.
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    How do I transport my cake?


    The ideal way to transport the cake is on a flat surface (such as the back of an SUV) or on the floor of your vehicle. I always offer a non-slip mat to place under your cake box to prevent your cake from moving around. As tempting as it is to place your cake in the seat and strap it in with a seat belt, it is not recommended. Car seats often have a slight slant (to fit your booty) and this sometimes is just enough of an angle to cause your cake to begin to slide downwards as you drive.) Tiered cakes have a support dowel that runs through all the tiers to keep the cake from sliding. Each tier also has support structures within to prevent the cake from collapsing on itself. Basically, you want to keep your cake as level as possible at all times. :)
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    What is considered a "serving"?


    Party servings are considered to be 1"x2"x4". So, when someone says an 8" round cake will serve about 20 people, this is based on cutting the cake roughly to those dimensions. Here are some of the most common cake sizes and their servings: 6" Round Cake: 10 servings 8" Round Cake: 20 servings 10" Round Cake: 30 servings
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    Do you ever make cakes with whipped frosting instead of buttercream?


    I only use buttercream frosting because it does not require refrigeration. (It is also not as "temperamental" when it comes to decorating cakes.) Whipped frosting requires refrigeration and has a tendency to have colors bleed into it. The Texas Cottage Food Law also does not allow us to sell anything that require refrigeration.
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    How do you cut a round cake?


    Here are a couple of great videos on YouTube to explain how to cut a round cake. (Please note, this is just a video I found online that I thought would be useful to folks. I did not make them.)

Cutting a 6"- 9" Cake

Cutting Cakes over 9"

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